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Consulting Approach

Based on our mission, Ignite Performance Group employs a four-phase approach to develop the inner spark within each of the athletes and teams with whom we work and help them reach their full potential.

Phase One: Assessment
            We believe strongly that each client is his or her own expert. Thus we believe in using assessment tools including surveys and interviews to help of build the whole picture of each athlete with whom we consult. These tools include mental skills assessments that give us a better idea of what skills the athlete is employing during practice and performance and more importantly, which skills need to be developed. Some of our interviews and surveys are directed at learning more about who the athlete is as a person both while performing and while not performing. The summation of the information gained from our assessment tools and interviews help us to understand the whole picture of each athlete with whom we work. The assessment process is a highly interactive one.

Phase Two: Individual Development Plan Creation
            Once the assessment phase is complete, we begin working on creating a plan of action for each client. We assimilate the information we gain from the assessment phase and craft a development plan that includes goals for our work with the athlete, strategies for completing those goals, and means for tracking those goals. This individual development plan includes the mental skills we plan to develop with the athlete to improve performance as a sport competitor and as a human being. This plan is shared with the athlete and agreed upon with the athlete prior as we move forward with the consultation.

Phase Three: Mental Conditioning & Skill Development
            Once the individual development plan is agreed upon, we begin working in depth with the athlete on achieving our joint goals. Through our one-on-one consulting with individual athletes or group consulting with teams, we employ innovative techniques to develop the mental skills appropriate for the client. Once the skill is developed, we work with the client to know the appropriate time to use the skill. Through practice and rehearsal in practice situations, each skill becomes conditioned and the athlete is able to seamlessly employ the skill when necessary in competition.

Phase Four: Re-assessment & Maintenance
            While it is true that we are continually observing each client’s progress throughout the consultation, we do re-assess the mental skill development of each client using our survey tools. We do this for two reasons. The first is to give the athlete an idea of where he or she was at the beginning of the consultation and where he or she is at that point. The second is to give us an idea of what mental skills still need development and which need maintenance and/or conditioning as to when the use is appropriate. From this point on we continue working with the client to help them achieve their performance and personal goals.


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