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Ignite is based in the Dallas Fort Worth area, but works with clients throughout the United States. At Ignite, we believe that having strong core values is important in the world of sport and in life. While every client may differ in their set of values, it is important to explore those as a starting point to help clients stay steadfast in their identity before moving on to specific mental performance training for success in their sport. Keeping the athlete in a place where they love to train, compete and perform is ideal.

Our approach to reaching the ultimate level of mental performance is client based training. We use assessments and discussions with each client to determine what types of mental skills training would be most beneficial to the client. Ignite's consultants are educated in sport psychology, performance psychology, and general psychology and have experience at all levels of sport. This comprehensive education and experience allows our consultants to understand the needs of each client and the ability to coach him/her to strengthen their mental game. Our staff has also earned credentials of being a certified consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and both psychological and counseling licensure in the state of Texas.

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